Davian Storm


1st Level Rogue
Male Age 23.
Chaotic Neutral.
6’1”, 140lbs, Blue Eyes, Brown Hair.


STR 11
DEX 16
INT 16
WIS 11
CHA 14


Appraise +6
Balance +5
Bluff +5
Craft (general) +3
Diplomacy +2
Disable Device +5
Disguise +4
Escape Artist +3
Forgery +7
Gather Information +6
Hide +5
Innuendo +2
Intimidate +4
Knowledge (Politics) +4
Listen +3
Move Silently +6
Open Lock +6
Perform (general) +2
Pick Pocket +4
Read Lips +7
Ride +3
Scry +3
Search +6
Sense Motive +1
Tumble +4
Use Magic Device +3
Use Rope +4

Davian Storm was born to a simple family on a farm. His father left his family when he was very young, and never returned, and his mother was left to raise him. He was pretty sickly as a young child, since he spent most of the time indoors with his depressed mother. His mother died of a fever when he was 6 years old, and he couldn’t really handle it emotionally.

The townsfolk tried taking care of him, but he spent most of his time indoors feeling sorry for himself, and usually refused to help out with chores around his many foster parents’ homes. He preferred to solve interesting puzzles and occasionally tricked his foster siblings into doing his chores for him. Most of the people, being poor farmers in hard times, couldn’t afford to feed a mouth that didn’t contribute, so they tried to force him to help out. He was so upset by this that he decided to run away into the forest.

By this time, he was about 10 and was smart enough to know to stick to the river for water, but being that he wasn’t the outdoors type, knew nothing of hunting or trapping. Eventually he found his way into another village, and tried to get food. Most of the villagers were kind people, willing to feed him, but again, they wanted work done in return. He was a scrawny kid without much strength or energy, so he hated the idea of manual labor. After a couple of nights of pure misery, he realized that most people fed him first, and showed him the work later. At the next farm, he took off as soon as he had eaten his fill. This trick worked again at the next couple of farms, but soon the news spread and people refused to help him almost before he knocked on their doors.

After a couple of days of grueling hunger, he approached another farm near a different new village. This time no one was around to feed him or send him away. His hunger overcame him and he entered the farmhouse in search of something to eat. Inside he found some leftover food from that morning and ate it quickly, stuffing extra into his pockets. He also took a knife and a coat a bit too large for him, so that he could stay warm. He figured if he was stealing their food, it wouldn’t make much difference if he stole other things too. After his illicitly gained feast, he kept on moving.

After a couple of weeks of similar activities, his wandering led him to a good sized town. He was in utter amazement at the number of people around, living in such tightly packed spaces. He quickly realized that stealing from people’s homes would be much more difficult with so many people around, when he was spotted trying to break into a merchant’s house and chased halfway around town. Luckily for him, he ran into an older boy named Norman, who helped him hide.

Norman was in a similar situation, and he and Davian quickly became friends. Norman taught Dave the tricks of pickpocketing and lock picking, and soon every town guard knew their faces due to their exploits. Both of them were arrested a couple of times, and eventually were forced to leave town for greener pastures.

They lived in towns for a month or two at a time, at least until they were caught, and eventually ended up in a big city. After a few mishaps concerning territory, they ended up joining a local gang of like-minded individuals. For a few years they lived pretty well on stolen food and goods, occasionally fighting in battles over gang territory and cavorting with local girls. Davian got pretty good with knives, daggers, crossbows as well as weaving intricate tales and setting unpleasant traps for his foes. His wit was sharp, and his mind sharper.

At age 17, Davian’s world came crashing down when a local lord decided to take action on the city’s crime problem and tried to flush out the gangs. He was amongst the few who managed to escape, but most, with Norman among them, were captured and hanged in front of the city gates.

Right back to where he was years ago, he was now alone without a home. He spent a few weeks roaming the wilderness in a fog of depression, snapping out of it only long enough to snag an occasional loaf of bread or a warm blanket. He caught an illness during his wandering, and ended up passing out near the side of the road due to his high fever.

He was discovered by a young woman about his age, who took him in and nursed him back to health. For the first time since his mother died he felt like someone actually cared for him. When he was finally well, he realized that this girl was quite pretty, and the daughter of a well-off merchant as well. He continued spending time with her, and eventually fell in love with her. Unfortunately, her parents discovered what he was and told him to stay away from their daughter. He tried to get her to run away with him, but she said that she didn’t want to live his kind of life, and she could not go with him.

Davian was conflicted. He enjoyed the exciting life of a thief, but he realized there was no emotional satisfaction there. He was also tired of running and hiding from the law. He decided it was time for a change.

Realizing there was no opportunity for honest work in the local area for a thief, he traveled for several miles until he could find some. He started out doing odd jobs for townsfolk, but eventually his special set of skills led him into the information trade. At first he was running messages between merchants concerning orders for goods, but eventually they started asking him to spy on their competitors. The merchants he worked for were quite pleased with the information he gathered, and eventually he was offered work with some local, small time politicians.

Working for politicians, of course, includes stealing documents from rivals, even occasionally planting fake evidence. He’s beginning to realize that perhaps there is no escape, this is what he is. Running from it is like running away from his own body. At least this time, he has the support of the law; at least until he fails them or his benefactors are replaced. The woman he loved has grown up and married, and he no longer has the drive to become an “honest, hard working man.” He’s content with where he is, and he’s good at what he does.

Davian Storm

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