A seat of power.

As far as anyone remembers, the Immortals have kept order among the people. The Warrior stood at the gate to fend off the darkness. The Builder set to work against decay. At the head the Elder sat on the immortal’s hill above the city against all false-hood.

He established a senate among the people. Representatives with whom he spoke and issued his guidance. It was they who were his hands and feet. It is said they were his eyes and ears, but many believed that wasn’t necessary. In this way, the Immortal Republic was strong over all the land. (Some say even the lands beyond the sea, but only the Southern Suskind boaters would know.)

And then the Elder disappeared, leaving behind the Source. He had said they were ready. He had said it was his time to depart, but he was leaving the Source to remind them. The cynical now say the Source was there to remind them how good things used to be and to tell them how good they would not be.

Despite his assurances, the city began to falter. Even the Immortals themselves seemed unsure, almost as if they needed the Elder’s guidance. They quarreled among themselves over who should take the Elder’s place, but none was strong enough to hold the reigns of Horse Head.

And then the Builder stole the Source. “Under the shadow of the leviathon” they said. He took it and fled. The mortal Senate pleaded with the Warrior to follow and take back the Source. They told him they would support him in the Elder’s place. Give him their hands and feet as they once had. He mounted and flew after the Builder.

He returned and took control of the city. The darkness, decay and falsehood was upon them in full force. The Warrior became almost powerless even to the Mortal citizens themselves. Corruption became part and parcel. One did not go to the market or to the farm without a strong sword or axe. The people openly mock the Warrior. They curs the Builder. They deny the Elder.*

The Senate

It was once the case that the Senate each personally knew and spoke with the Elder. He gave them their charge, and they acted without hesitation to carry them out. But in these times, the Senate seats are passed down father to son. Without guidance, they are not representative of the people, but only representative of their former station. None of the Senators have seen the face of the Immortals. And further, some now refuse to speak their names at all. “They are gone” they say. “We are alone now. We must find our own path.”

But there are some who still believe in the Legend of the Source. That somehow finding and returning it will bring with it a return of the Elder’s peace. Many people these days say it is only a fairy tale, told to give children false comfort before they see the dim reality of adulthood. Some see it as a source of power. One in which he who finds it becomes like the Elder to all those in the city.


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